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Job Posting $450

  • 60 day job posting - standard
  • Employer Logo – standard
  • Email broadcast to more than 24,000 HR Professionals
  • Each post will be tweeted from @HireAuthorityCA
  • Help desk access


Standard jobs appear in the job search results. Their position is determined by the search executed (e.g.location) or by the date they were posted.


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Upgrades to Consider

Premium Job - $50.00

These jobs will appear in the organic listings, but will be highlighted so that they stand out against other jobs in the listing.

Promoted Job - $100.00

Selecting this upgrade will ensure that your posting will always appear above all standard postings within the search results.

Homepage Job - $150.00

A link to the job will appear on the homepage of the jobseeker site. A 'Featured Job' will also include 'Premium Job' capabilities.


Upgrades to Consider

What’s New!

Welcome to the “new” Hire Authority.There are a few new features we want to point out:

  • Job seekers can now search jobs by required designation, job function, job level, industry, salary, employer and location.
  • We wanted to do a better job featuring employers and to do that we needed to organize accounts around the employer, not the individual creating the new job posting. So you’ll find that you are now either the manager of or member of an employer account.
  • The base price for a posting is set at $450 and we’ve packed a bunch of added value into it (see the details in the other column).
  • And best of all, there’s a real live employee supporting you. Meet Adam Hart, Hire Authority Job Specialist. Adam’s job is to make every Hire Authority experience a good one.

So “Welcome!” Let us know how we’re doing.

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